What would Sekhmet say?

When pondering the cataclysmic loss of biodiversity, the rapid increase in climate related weather catastrophes, and the threats posed by emerging pandemic cycles, our general malaise would indicate that our cultural forms, which typically place humanity at the center of creation, fail to have access to the resources and creativity needed to generate a new path forward.

Will more computation power and data collection bring about innovative solutions? Or will those answers emerge from the dark depths of our collective inheritance. As Jung would put it, the earth has a soul.

I wonder, “what would Sekhmet say?”

Bylaws, or Bye Laws

The Fourth Wall
Iris beyond the screen, reflections on theater’s fourth wall

(a play.)

C: I’m not doing it! Why is this really necessary?

R: Um, well.

C: After all the effort, you know it will just get filed away.

R: Until it’s needed, to… to deal with the crazy stuff.

C: If this is just to control crazy, I say let crazy flourish.

R: Hmm. Well, they have shown that legalizing drugs does not make the drug problem worse. Perhaps you Anarchists have a point.

C: Touché!


R: Maybe I’ll just find a template somewhere and copy that. Copy that.

(Gertrude Stein wrote many short plays, often within the context of a longer prose piece. The formats she explored open up the potential to explore dialogue within tightly bounded scenarios.)