Melt My Glasses, and Send Me to My Grave

If I dared say all

about what

the mother FR’s

that are messing

with the system

are saying,

I guess? they want me

to go home.

But, they need

to consider,

and think about, simply,

I am not

going home…

Our vote is good?

But is a vote enough?

When you see shit —

Say that shit is shit.

When you see fraud —

Say that fraud is fraud.

When you see usury —

Say those banks are

committing usury.

Do you know my friend Ezra?

Have you not read the Cantos?

No worries.

They put him in a cage.

He deserved it.

Not hard to disagree

with his politics —

But I so love his voice!

Do you know my friend Charles?

He took over the problematic…

And failed.

How about Allen?

What would Allen say today?

Oh no, 🤭, really.

They are coming

after the poets.

If this were a cooking blog

Forget longevity—

this is a heart attack.

Forget fidelity—

excommunication appropriate

with meat served

on a Friday in Lent.

And then the pork taboo

for my Muslim and Jewish

friends. Well…

Love yeah brothers.

Oh, but is it good.

Render three strips of thick

cut bacon

and then mix three

eggs into the rendered fat.

Add tomatoes,

green onions,


siracya sauce,

a dash of garlic powder,

salt and pepper,

and sprinkle till

your heart’s content

with mozzarella cheese.

While Buckingham Palace

has yet to announce the contest,

I hereby submit this recipe

as the first submission—

A Fox Hunting Breakfast

for King Charles the Third’s

Coronation Breakfast Competition.

If that does not work,

I’m considering offering it

as the last meal for a few

deserving politicians

that are screwing with our world.