Succulent Astringents

The facts crushing,

so instead let’s sip

succulent astringents.

You never know,

while these realms sleep

a frozen dream,

this mixture

could be good for the liver,

if not so promising

for a brusied heart.

8 thoughts on “Succulent Astringents

  1. Looks like the type of view Thoreau would relish. Natural and not brought in nature as handmade. Yes. I did read a starter. ‘Walking’. Wonderful words here as always. I always tend to read them twice, then thrice more slowly. Cheers and all the best.

      1. I’ll definitely look it up. Well……Once I get Bing Crosby and Groove Armada ear worm music out of my head! ‘If your fond of sand dunes and salty air………visit old Cape Cod’. Thanks for the Thoreau suggestion. You need to really focus when reading though and it will take a few revisits to truly get into his way of writing. But his is a fascinating principle and philosophy. Cheers.

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