A few shots from here

…still no time for words. (or for likes🥴…I cannot wait to read all about all that you have been doing, when I get some reading time!)

I did have five minutes to get lost in one of our apple trees, and thought maybe you would enjoy these.


Missing you.

14 thoughts on “A few shots from here

  1. Apples or blogs? Apples definitely win that one. Sitting in an apple tree is so peaceful. Now I have ‘Love you till Tuesday’ by Bowie ringing singing around my head. All the best.

  2. Lovely photos, Richard – apple blossom is so pretty, and there is the resulting fruit to look forward to afterwards. I really like the image of the lichen on the tree branch, too. There are so many different types of lichen to be found on trees – all sorts of colours and forms. I know my favourite tree, where I live, has a variety of green lichen on the trunk near the bottom of the tree. Apparently, the tree is a black poplar, which is quite rare in my area. Is the apple tree in your photos in your garden or from further afield?

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