About Krater Café

Shell and Stones by Richard Reeve

This space captures the spirit of play that fascinated me as a child when gifted with a pad of newsprint and a box of crayons.

You might notice that the posture taken here toward the craft utilizes apps accessible on your phone. The aesthetics tend toward the results sought when practicing with a pinhole camera or the aforementioned crayon.

I’ve been circling about the WordPress ecosystem for a while now. My first blog was Catskill Cottage Seed. I can recall toasting Matt’s 25th at the Vegas Word Camp. The skills and knowledge I have gained from the WordPress community have furthered both my professional path and my growth both as a person and an artist.

Regarding my practice with words and images shared on this site, I studied theater design, puppetry and mask making, philosophy (phenomenology), writing and poetics (epic poetry), through college and grad school. I spent a few years engaged in independent research of the Beat poet Charles Olson, and a further six years of postgraduate study on Jungian psychology. The journey through those disciplines informs the works emerging on Krater Café.