Angel’s Trumpet ⚠️

Poisonous to pets,

an understatement targeting

plant loving pet owners – 

Lady Datura,

You disguise your potency

beneath a shower

of trumpeting splendor.

Like the rose

you both attract and repel,

your seed pod

a thorny grenade

of delusional potency.

The records show

settlers at Jamestown

went out of their minds

dining on a tossed salad

with these culpable greens

A delusion is/isn’t 


so heard the doctors

from one emergency room case

after the activated charcoal

had kicked in to counteract

the startlingly real effects.

Friends found him scrubbing his hair

standing stark naked

in the middle of an unknown

neighbors living room,

indulging in a convincingly real

yet imaginary shower.

He could not recall crossing

the well disguised threshold.

It all remained

as tangible as

daily commonplace reality.


He screamed in horror.

Is it still going on!?!

He lost his mind.

Let us know if you find it. 

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