Awesome Obscurities, No. 1

Books are my deepest, gravest sin. I just can’t help myself, the manifestation of consciousness on paper effects me, as some indulge in chocolate. Coffee. Or cocaine for that matter.

And since I have hauled these thousands of pounds of paper through fifteen or so relocations the last two decades, it has just dawned on me now, that some of the gems might be of interest to others. Maybe even you.

These offerings are not reviews. Think of them as more like shout outs. Like, check this out! So here we go…

Second shelf, up toward the ceiling on the east wall of my study.

Preface to Plato, by Eric Havelock.

A fascinating exploration of Plato’s attack on poetry, and a wonderful dive into the value of what came before. The poet Charles Olson destroyed his copy with marginalia, the ideas so provocative.

3 thoughts on “Awesome Obscurities, No. 1

  1. I think I understand you. I have a compulsion for books. I already donated more than half of what I have and there are still 5 thousand more or less left. as well as music: between physical and digital cds, they exceed ten thousand. and, well, my third and final vice: coffee. I’m not giving up on this one at all. ah! and photography. the blog is a means of expression and knowledge through works like yours. It’s one more step I take in my life. my hug.

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