Before the Wind

The lilacs engulfed

in fresh powder,

at least until the winds

arrive with the next front

later tonight.

Can these really be the same

trees that will inundate

the yard with lavender blooms,

a fragrance strong enough

to seap through the screen door

come June and join

us at the dinner table?

7 thoughts on “Before the Wind

  1. You took me straight to our own yearly lilac experiences. The saplings grow out of our Welsh slate garden walls. The main tree having long fallen from it’s precarious siting. My wife always says, as a Mantra, “I hope it’s not too windy this time and they last longer”. Great imagery created in your word poetry here. Thank you.

  2. This is a beautiful poem and photo, Richard. Such vivid imagery. It reminds me of a lilac tree in the garden of my family home; the scent was divine when the blossoms were in bloom. Happy memories. Thanks for this piece, Richard.

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