Commonplace Capers, No. 05

More Than Snacks

I wish I had the capacity to serve more here at Krater Café than the meager snacks I regularly dole out. Fortunately, I have encountered amazing content in this, our shared blogoshpere.

What I am about to share is because, only a click away, some superb substance awaits you. Just know, this content has been transformative for me. These two writers are teaching me daily in ways I could have never anticipated. So I share these blogs because if you do not know of them, I believe you should know of them.

Breadcrumbs by Stacey C. Johnson

sceadugenga by Michael Raven

In future posts of these Commonplace Capers, I will be continuing to spread the word of all the wonderful content I engage in daily in an attempt to better spread the word.

As a final note, just as these links will take you directly to both writers’ websites, I want to encourage folks to click through the partial rendering the WP reader provides of posts. Experience what bloggers spend so much time preparing. I know in my own case, the formatting of my posts never displays correctly in the WP reader, and often, when taking the time to visit your websites, it is so refreshing to engage the work as you intended it to be seen.

Commonplace Capers, No. 04

So, we paint the world as the systems fail and Mother Nature herself has trumped the Supreme Court to declare daily that of all the species she has fostered, we really have to go.

Whose idea was it to make car key carrying monkeys? It’s all Henry Ford’s fault, nothing to do with BP or Exxon?

Forgive the prelude rant, perhaps it brought some attention?

What I so love about being active in this space– the democratization of the printing press. What we have available to us, in these blocks and posts and sites is quite an exceptional thing, really.

Sure, we can complain about the rent, we can push it to see that the words find paper– but seriously, the flow that each and everyone is saying 24/7, saying what needs to be said…

It’s remarkable, no?

Postscript: blogging a bit like autobiography, not just the present tense, but in the present.