Color the World

Crayons by Richard Reeve

Who first peddled


as valid strategy

to “solve” mental illness?

“It could be worse,”

was the last thing

she needed to hear.

I will sit here quietly

with my box of crayons

and newsprint pad,


I don’t care what physics says –

this crayon I’m holding

enough proof for me.

Black is a color too.

15 thoughts on “Color the World

  1. Interesting indeed. I too have struggled to understand and given words which I thought would help. But it was evident I didn’t know where the person was because I had never been there. I wrote a song expressing this situation of wanting to help so much but not being able to really understand. The song is like a conversation. One verse goes:
    Too give me advice and words,
    But you still don’t comprehend,
    You Don’t know the place I live,
    Andvthevthings I cannot mend.

  2. Thanks for listening. I appreciate that. It was written some time ago, but like most songs comes from a need to understand better what one doesn’t understand. Actually, it is the first time I have shared it, so I guess your image and words pushed a button in my little brain.

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