Come Close Again III


A soft landing…

Who would have thunk

this white sand

might be a catchment

for a dream beyond

the boundaries.

Why do we live happily

within silly confines?

I do not know.

But look, look!

It is so!

Postscript: I recognize every Shakespearean scholar will piss on this post, my daring to say look, look, so offensive to their domain. But really: Look. Look!

7 thoughts on “Come Close Again III

  1. Stunning photo, as always, Richard. And I love the poem, too. Your wonderful images never cease to amaze me with your beauty. Are they recent photos, or are there some taken a while back? Not that it makes any difference, really. They’re all fantastic and draw me into the story behind them through your words. I can just visualise you driving through the country and stopping every few minutes to shoot something beautiful. As for the naysayers, just ignore them, or as Nicole says, poopoo them! 😊

  2. I agree with Ellie and Nicole. Do what feels right for you, there is a reason for the choices you make when you write … there are plenty who like/love what you do, who needs the negative voices

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