Commonplace Capers, No. 07

I know some of you noticed I took a brief pause from my regular routine here this week. A sudden change in circumstances has me scrambling to kick-start my consulting activity. I’ve been doing freelance consulting work for over 20 years, and the focus of the work comes and goes depending on other financial factors. This week, I have turned back to it.

I support nonprofits, small businesses, and creativepreneurs with a menu of services: from strategic planning, to communications support, to fundraising campaigns. I just wanted to take a moment to share this with all of you. Heck, you never know who might be on a non-profit board seeking this type of support!

If you’d take a moment, I’d appreciate you having a look. I’m sharing my page for creativepreneurs, as each of you are certainly that!

14 thoughts on “Commonplace Capers, No. 07

  1. I did wonder where you’d disappeared to those couple of days, Richard. Thanks for sharing your business page, and I wish you every success with your company. If I hear of anyone that might need your services, I’ll send you their details or vice versa.

    I like your image here. The seashells remind me of those I used to find on the beach when I was younger and able to access a beach; some broken shells, some chipped, some whole, all adding to their character. I would think up stories about how the shells came to be as they were.

    Hope you are well today 💙.

    1. Thank you Ellie! It’s good to hear from you.

      Those shells were collected on the beach in Cape Cod, and reside in a glass brick on a bookshelf in our living room

      1. How lovely to have those shells encased in glass, permanently preserved. If I saw something like that in a shop, it would be a definite purchase for me. I do love the natural world and those shells are captured perfectly in time. Beautiful.

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