Commonplace Capers, No. 03

Reflections on the Art of Blogging

Three goals I have set out for my practice and hopefully your experience of Krater Café are now starting to come into focus.

Goal #1: Find a rhythm with posting that aligns with the regularity we all need to establish in order to feed ourselves, akin to the preparation of meals, recognizing that creativity, both in the making and the consumption, is a form of nourishment.

Goal #2: Approach the blog post as a primary art form. A blogger that uses poetry, digital imagery, video, audio, metadata, etc., instead of a poet or photographer that blogs. Let me quickly say, I love the work of poets and writers and photographers that blog, but I think of this perspective as akin to the admission of new sports into the Olympics (Have you heard the news, break dancing will be awarded a gold medal soon!).

Goal #3: Create a platform where repeat visitors return often because they enjoy what is being served, and, over time, build out a community that can undertake joint ventures to extend and support blogging as a primary art form.

I look forward to, and encourage you to share your thoughts on these matters.

(Postscript: blogs will always function in more ways than just a primary art form, but here I am simply making a claim that they can be viewed as such.)

11 thoughts on “Commonplace Capers, No. 03

  1. Good thoughts but I am not sure that I could aspire to being an artist. If I can knock out some pictures and a bit of prose every day, I am satisfied. I am a diarist not an artist.

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