Cosmic Wake

It won’t last forever.

The stone, dust, and ice

already gently raining down

to the surface below.

This period of public morning

a fitting royal tribute.

The remains evenly spread out,

so perfectly arranged

by Queen Ops.

A spectacular display

this wake for Chrysalis,

their lost daughter torn apart

by unrelenting tidal forces.

She will be reigned back in

and her ashes scattered

across the surface

of King Saturn.

One by one,

the slow moving

viewing line of

poorly dressed spacecraft

swing by

to pay our respects

on their way out

to even colder

more distant realms.

After the viewing,

in hushed voices,

each of the mourners

can’t help but marvel

at just how lovely she looks.

Cosmic Wake written in response to the inaugural Amplification Effect, a group exercise exploring symbolic material. The symbol explored was a ring that is not a ring. Join in this Sunday for the next group symbolic exploration.

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