Death, and My Whimper

Go to hell,

enjoy it he said.

Umm, ok.

I will if you insist.


he cautioned,

others have been so smug.

Yes, I know.

They have taught me well.

Who do you think you are?

I am just a poor man.

Then why do you bother me so?

Oh my good friend Devil,

Don’t cha know,

I have beauty in my veins.

7 thoughts on “Death, and My Whimper

  1. Intriguing piece sir…
    I was remembered the song devil’s went down to Georgia

    I read somewhere, long ago, that strangers are often called devil’s
    Probably an old medieval tales… they did see Devil’s in Everything’s back then
    Many see’s the same nowadays also.

    We can just hope for a new Renaissance, instead of a Dark Age.

    Meanwhile, I hope you are doing good, and wish you a nice weekend
    I did appreciate your spring photographies

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