I Guess, She’s Listening?

Oh Mama…

I have transgressed.

But I know, you throw as much

life into each beach

as death.

The intertidal zone

simply smells of you.

So where are we?

This silliness that surrounds—

nothing but a distraction

from your cues.

Where are we?

and why do we

decimate the very

breast we suckle from?

Oh Mama, if only

I knew how

to draw this next breath,

and not offend you.

16 thoughts on “I Guess, She’s Listening?

  1. A powerful and meaningful poem, Richard. It certainly is food for thought. How are you doing, Richard? Sorry I’ve been somewhat absent from your recent posts; I’m behind with many people’s blogs, having had my lovely grandchildren stay for a few days last week. Do take care of yourself, and I wish you a happy and peaceful Easter.

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