9 thoughts on “Life and Death

  1. When one travel along the road of ‘life,’ onlookers sees one clearly… but when one turns at a corner, one is no longer seen by onlookers… death is but a ‘corner,’ on the road of life… and the body we bury, is but the ‘vehicle’ lift at the curb… the force that once gave animation to the body continues on… for life does not die… it merely changes…!

      1. I understand your concern Ellen, of ‘losing’ your loved ones… but why fear…? The fear of ‘Death,’ is but the growth of a subconscious thought instilled in us over generations of palming our loved ones out to organizations that uses their remains to increase their ‘bottom line…’

        Once upon a time, dying like living was a family affair… where the energy of the living, kept the memory of the ‘dead’ alive… once upon a time we were all convinced, in time we would become one with our loved ones in that mysteries dimension… (for is it not as mysteries as the one from whence we came…?)

        Energy does not die… it transforms… is not lost… it works… so consider the work that can be achieved, when our energy commingle with our loved ones, and countless ‘friends’ in that dimension… and what influence it must have on this one…

        Your loved ones are really not that far away… they are locked in your memories… and your thoughts can be in communication with them anytime you wish… and they with you, anytime they… unbeckoned… enter your thoughts…

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