Melt My Glasses, and Send Me to My Grave

If I dared say all

about what

the mother FR’s

that are messing

with the system

are saying,

I guess? they want me

to go home.

But, they need

to consider,

and think about, simply,

I am not

going home…

Our vote is good?

But is a vote enough?

When you see shit —

Say that shit is shit.

When you see fraud —

Say that fraud is fraud.

When you see usury —

Say those banks are

committing usury.

Do you know my friend Ezra?

Have you not read the Cantos?

No worries.

They put him in a cage.

He deserved it.

Not hard to disagree

with his politics —

But I so love his voice!

Do you know my friend Charles?

He took over the problematic…

And failed.

How about Allen?

What would Allen say today?

Oh no, 🤭, really.

They are coming

after the poets.

12 thoughts on “Melt My Glasses, and Send Me to My Grave

  1. The news is getting to us all. As a poet expressing political views be glad you don’t live in Fla now. At best you might be cited for not registering or worse be banned.

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