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Member Services

Weekly Workouts

Released each Monday, these creative exercises are designed to strengthen your creative muscles through explorations in multimedia challenges. Results shared by members are posted each Sunday on

Daily Journaling

Drawing from a variety of sources, journey into a deep journaling habit, with daily prompts and references to guide you.

Free Access to Programs

Members gain free access to public programming, including webinars, concerts, and special events.

Members Marketplace

Members are invited to pitch their websites and work through a curated marketplace, providing hyperlinks to the landing pages you choose.

Community Chat

Connect with other engaged members to share your struggles aand successes, offfer advice, seek support, and share a joke or two.

Correspondence Cauldron

Recognizing the importance of letter writing to creatives throughout history, the cauldron is designed to reclaim the lost art of correspondence as an overlooked art form in its own right.

Member Spotlights

Member spotlights feature the work of members through a self-guided interview and portfolio share.

Participation Rewards

Participation has its benefits, including enhanced marketplace listings, free creative coaching sessions, and workshops. A points system provides access to a variety of redeemable rewards. 

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