ma ma–

I envy those that had a mum,

it rhymes with um,

a perfect sounding

to proceed every child’s request.

So mom, mum, ma ma–

Your provision is life itself,

and yes, that we are here,

that we suck oxygen

from this thin air every second,

the sky truly

your nourishing breast.

I guess I see how

that must make us all,

some seven or so billion of us,

sons and daughters

of God, I prefer Goddess

(the brutality

of masculinity in this world

too much a travesty).

Would you turn toward us

your grace filled eyes

and drop a tear over this

world, so traumatized,

afraid and weakened.

Your children are in need

of a healing intervention.

Please mum, please.

7 thoughts on “Mum

  1. This is so moving, Richard, and heartbreakingly sad at the same time. My eyes were welling up as I read it. It says all that needs to be said to touch the heart. Sending you comforting hugs, Ellie X 💙

    1. We shed tears, sometimes alone, sometimes together. When I said earlier today you were on my mind, please know your recent post about your mum had a great deal to do with what I have placed here. Richard X (I do not seem to have a blue heart emoji) wait!!! There it is. 💙

      1. Thank you, dear Richard; thank you so much for what you have said about my post about my dearly loved and much-missed Mum. Your words totally and truly touch me and mean an awful lot. I send you peaceful thoughts and love X 💜

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