Never Look Directly at the Sun

Mom kinda overdid it.

As the eclipse approached

she made it all too clear:

if I dared go outside and look up,

blindness would follow.

I spent that darkening,

cowering under

the dining room table,

a terrified four year old,

waiting for the nemesis to pass.

Oddly, my elderly mother

is now nearly blind –

And I remain curious as to the secrets

hidden just off center, if

we dare glance at the Sun.


17 thoughts on “Never Look Directly at the Sun

  1. I remember being told the same thing about not looking directly at the sun. I think this was definitely drummed into my sisters and I because my father had a powerful telescope, and there’s no knowing how much damage using that to see the sun would have caused. We had the message well and truly sent home from my father (who wasn’t a nice man, although, in this instance, he was just protecting our future eyesight, which I guess is nice enough 😇). It was fun looking at the stars and the moon, though. Hope you are well this afternoon.

      1. 🙃 I’m not quite sure what to say to that, my friend. If you are serious, I am very touched 😊. I enjoy your posts so much. They are the ones I open first from my inbox every time I sit down at my laptop (as a wheelchair user, I’m always sitting down), and I very often have my laptop in front of me. It is my eyes and ears to my personal little world, and friends like you brighten my everyday. Much love 💓😘

          1. Aww – now, I’m blushing 😳. I am very fond of you, too, my friend. You have brought so much joy to my world (and to my blog) and I am so, so happy to know you, even though we are on other sides of this big old planet of ours. You never know; one day, our paths may cross further. X 💖🥰💞

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