7 thoughts on “No Snow

  1. So sad and so true. The number of youngsters with mental health issues (including my 16-year-old granddaughter) and suicidal thoughts and actions is truly terrifying, and the services can’t/don’t cope with these children and teenagers (or adults, come to that). I totally agree about their fear for our planet and the rich and powerful men ruling the country for everyone else with no control going to the people. I’m passionate about the environment and our planet and all on her. I’m in a group of protestors to get the government to look at their actions and how they are destroying our world. We’re not always very popular, but some of us just have to take action to make our point. We should have Citizens’ Assemblies rather than letting the upper classes run our world so inefficiently. Sorry for getting on my ‘hobby horse’ about this, but I feel so strongly about saving our planet. I might just be one little person trying to make a difference, but what we need is lots of little (and big) people to make this difference. Sorry for the rant.

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