14 thoughts on “No time for words

  1. That’s a beautiful view, Richard, I love to sit and just listen to water flow. So relaxing. 🙏🏻

    1. The tuft of grass to the left almost looks like England. Perhaps I should title it: “On the Coronation of Charles the Third, I was doing this 😜”

      1. I’m still fiddling with the manual settings of this throw back phone I am left with after the tornado. Focus is really difficult. But, makes sense, this is the ADHD era…

      2. Hey, am I alone in having to like people’s comments twice, sometimes three times, before it sticks? We need a manual. If you like a comment, like it at least three times?

      3. WP has probably installed yet another unannounced update to “improve” our on-line experience. Yup, it happens. I’m wrestling with the editor’s sudden refusal to honor id=”xyz” in HTML

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