Oneida Lake

Found myself two and a half hours northwest today, taking a breather at this locale. They call it the thumb of the Finger Lakes— 20 miles wide and 5 miles across. The water was as clear as what they sell us to drink wrapped in plastic. Probably full of microplastics none the less.

5 thoughts on “Oneida Lake

  1. Gorgeous photo, Richard. Crystal clear water to look at but, as you say, probably full of microplastics. They’re everywhere now – they’ve even been found in our bloodstreams. What a scary thought! Nevertheless, this is a beautiful view. A lake that’s 20 miles wide and five miles across is more like an ocean than a lake. I had no idea they could be so big.

  2. Lulu: “Ooh, Oneida Lake? You are right near where Mama and Dada used to live, when they lived in New York!”
    Java Bean: “Really?”
    Lulu: “Well I mean it’s a big lake, so maybe not RIGHT near, but definitely nearer than where we are now …”

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