Perhaps a Bumper Crop

The apple blossoms are coming on strong.

Last year was an off year,

so we can anticipate

spending much of our free time

come August

throwing hundreds

upon hundreds

of drops over the fence

out back for the deer

to feast upon each dusk.

It’s going to be a bumper crop.

16 thoughts on “Perhaps a Bumper Crop

    1. We have five apple trees, and this one is not the best for eating, so after collecting three bushels or so, the rest are donated to the herd. 🍎🦌

  1. We have ancient apple trees. The branches of two of them go over into the farmer’s field where sheep are kept. We have the crunching sound of them being dental picked off the branches. May try cider making this year.

      1. I love the deer that come in our neighborhood. But I was thinking about getting deer food so they will leave my garden alone this summer! LOL

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