Show me your white tail, dear

I just spent twenty or so minutes

with the ladies, nine sisters

and cousins that have found

in this acreage a haven.

I am blessed that they allow me

to observe their ways, and learn.

Much of their world focuses

on listening. The way they

use their ears to tune in

to threats is astonishing.

But something else is going on

with the way they place their ears.

I just watched three traverse this field

with ears folded back, tight—

and it had nothing to do with hearing.

So yeah, I think we have a great deal

yet to learn.

11 thoughts on “Show me your white tail, dear

      1. You bet! I grew up around deer hunters and venison on the table, sometimes mixed with beef by my grandma. Mashed taters, carrots, a little gravy. Mmm!

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