Silly We Are

These grasses, these trees,

and the some five hundred

species quietly enjoying

Iife on Earth

no matter which direction

we look.

Oh, wake up man!

you are not the master

of this place.

Shake off your arrogance,

begin again to learn

from your neighbors.

6 thoughts on “Silly We Are

  1. I found this so beautiful, Richard. I am especially passionate about trees (and nature) and have learned a lot about them during the past few years. I once wrote a post called, ‘Befriend a Tree’, about a relationship I have with a particular tree near me. Trees are indeed our neighbours and are precious; without them, we wouldn’t exist. All trees are our friends and neighbours. They have strong bonds and relationships with each other, communicating between themselves on a symbiotic network of fungi from one tree’s roots to the next. They communicate with us, too, if only we stop to listen. I talk to ‘my’ tree and listen carefully for its response. If you are open to these things, it’s surprising how much we can learn from nature. Life isn’t all about us humans. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous piece, my friend 🌳💛🌿.

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