13 thoughts on “Skidaddle

  1. Very clever, Richard. I love the image and love the word Skidaddle even more. I’ve never heard of anyone writing a six-word story before. I’ve learned something new today. I also hadn’t heard the term ‘An American Sentence,’ which you often share on your blog, so I looked it up, and now I know. So, that’s two new things I’ve learned now. I hope you’re well.

  2. As said….clever. Great imagery for his story. Two chairs vacated and the reason why. The no clues given to the shadow arriving too late. Let’s your own imagination create the reason why. Sinister or personality driven. It’s not like Haiku. It allows the reader/viewer’s own involvement. All the best.

      1. Difficult work, that, obvious from those who “six word” simple, flat sentences, no suggestion of history, no hint of “plot” and certainly no cause [for a reader] to conjure any conclusion. I’ve done so [with “meh” success] before but presently pound no anvil with eight or ten words that might, could be, or for an inspired wordsmith, will be a legitimate “six word.”

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