Commonplace Capers, No. 06

Brave Women

The creativity I discover each day in the stream of posts from those I follow truly amazes me. What a cry to the cosmos, much better than the message slapped to the side of those early spaceships sent to nowhere.

I can not give kudos to everyone at once, but today I want to highlight three brave women.




I encourage you to engage with them and learn of their journeys. My life has been so enriched by the authenticity they each express and share in this agora. I believe yours will be too.

Of course, it would be a bit silly not to introduce all of you to my partner and best friend, Judith. Whenever cowardice creeps up and grabs me by the back of the neck, she calmly guides me to the true north star.

Commonplace Capers, No. 05

More Than Snacks

I wish I had the capacity to serve more here at Krater Café than the meager snacks I regularly dole out. Fortunately, I have encountered amazing content in this, our shared blogoshpere.

What I am about to share is because, only a click away, some superb substance awaits you. Just know, this content has been transformative for me. These two writers are teaching me daily in ways I could have never anticipated. So I share these blogs because if you do not know of them, I believe you should know of them.

Breadcrumbs by Stacey C. Johnson

sceadugenga by Michael Raven

In future posts of these Commonplace Capers, I will be continuing to spread the word of all the wonderful content I engage in daily in an attempt to better spread the word.

As a final note, just as these links will take you directly to both writers’ websites, I want to encourage folks to click through the partial rendering the WP reader provides of posts. Experience what bloggers spend so much time preparing. I know in my own case, the formatting of my posts never displays correctly in the WP reader, and often, when taking the time to visit your websites, it is so refreshing to engage the work as you intended it to be seen.

Commonplace Capers, No. 03

Reflections on the Art of Blogging

Three goals I have set out for my practice and hopefully your experience of Krater Café are now starting to come into focus.

Goal #1: Find a rhythm with posting that aligns with the regularity we all need to establish in order to feed ourselves, akin to the preparation of meals, recognizing that creativity, both in the making and the consumption, is a form of nourishment.

Goal #2: Approach the blog post as a primary art form. A blogger that uses poetry, digital imagery, video, audio, metadata, etc., instead of a poet or photographer that blogs. Let me quickly say, I love the work of poets and writers and photographers that blog, but I think of this perspective as akin to the admission of new sports into the Olympics (Have you heard the news, break dancing will be awarded a gold medal soon!).

Goal #3: Create a platform where repeat visitors return often because they enjoy what is being served, and, over time, build out a community that can undertake joint ventures to extend and support blogging as a primary art form.

I look forward to, and encourage you to share your thoughts on these matters.

(Postscript: blogs will always function in more ways than just a primary art form, but here I am simply making a claim that they can be viewed as such.)

Gratitude and a Peek Ahead

Krater Cafe Logo

A bit of a departure, as I want to take the time to express my gratitude for those that have been viewing my work and provide some context to what has been unfolding on Krater Café.

At the end of the summer, I made a commitment to invest in the creative posture I want to take from now on. I spent a month reviewing my options. While the return to WordPress was an obvious choice (I was never interested in setting up shop on a social media domain), I could not have anticipated the value in deciding to go with a site. The built-in value of community that I had been blind to over the last fifteen years has been amazing.

I decided I would spend three months heavily invested in posting and learning about the ecosystem of bloggers connected in this space, in preparation for a launch in 2023. Things have exceeded my expectations – a hundredfold. No exaggeration.

The pre-launch phase is coming to a close and the variety of experiments I hoped to run have taken place. This included watching what would happen if I did not post for a few days. The allure of building traffic was hard to resist at times, but moving toward launch next week, I am glad I have sorted through those distractions and remain focused on what matters most to me: a daily creative engagement.

As I make the final preparations of how I would like to proceed with this venture, I wanted to announce a few weekly features that will be new next month to go along with The Amplification Effect.

  • Krater Café Mixers, a podcast, about 20 minutes in length, with a guest writer/artist/activist each week.
  • Deep Cuts from the Creative Blogosphere, featuring two blogs reviews each week: one will have a visual arts focus, the other writing.

More than anything, as we head into 2023, I look forward to the amazing stream of creativity flowing from the blogs I read on a daily basis. It’s truly inspiring. I look forward to engaging with all of you in deeper and evermore interesting ways over the coming months.