Work Yet To Be Done

Commonplace Capers, No. 08

In his fascinating study of gardening, “Second Nature,” Michael Pollen proposes that our incessant fiddling with the soil and the plants is inherent to our species, not just as culture, but as an evolutionary survival strategy, one that has worked in our favor.

Of course, this incessant fiddling tendency of ours can be also linked to the horrific impacts our species is having on the planet. Is a bomb nothing but a gardening tool? (Pollen does not propose this, I do).

The impacts of the world wars last century on the landscape are a fascinating study waiting to be published, unless I missed it.

And our carbon discharge every time we drive to the store, is it not but an unconscious fumigation technique gone awry.

Man will never be above nature. Man is nothing but nature. Nature has little need of man.

I Guess, She’s Listening?

Oh Mama…

I have transgressed.

But I know, you throw as much

life into each beach

as death.

The intertidal zone

simply smells of you.

So where are we?

This silliness that surrounds—

nothing but a distraction

from your cues.

Where are we?

and why do we

decimate the very

breast we suckle from?

Oh Mama, if only

I knew how

to draw this next breath,

and not offend you.