There’s a Monster Out Back

As a sickly newborn,

(They sent my parents home

on day two,

told them to order a coffin.)

I cannot remember, but

I am sure it defines certain behaviors

erupting over five decades later–

the intensity of the incubator,

back in the day, 24/7.

Well, surprisingly, it worked,

and somehow the mucus plugs

buried deep in both lungs, dislodged.

No one was more surprised

than the doctor, who provided

treatment for the next ten years

free of charge, because

resiliency surprised him so.

Welcome to planet earth.

We hope you enjoyed the ride.

My childhood repetitive nightmare

was traversing a narrow boardwalk

with alligators in the waters,

then the deafening sound

of a train approaching,

then inside a chicken coop

under attack by a coyote,

feathers flying everywhere.

At this point,

my parents would wake me,

the fever often over 104 degrees,

and into a cold bath I’d be dropped.

There’s a monster out back,

and it’s pissed I yet breath

and dare to call it out.

Awesome Obscurities, No.3

The geographical and social strata diversity to be found in the blogosphere, especially here within the ecosystem, is amazing. What I learn on a daily basis is akin to the best university and postgraduate studies I have been fortunate to partake in.

When we consider the systems societies have created to deal with crisis, trauma, and violence, I often question: does the end justify the means? To that inquiry, I here want to share an amazing blog that has helped me wrestle not only with the reality of incarceration as it is deployed in society, but also the inner reality of incarceration that grips my soul, and, to be a bit blunt, I believe we are all wrestling with it.

The Prison Journalism Project. Follow and learn.

(Postscript: The Prison Journalism Project received a wonderful shout-out from Sarah Golding at WP Tavern not too long ago, but to little avail. It seems the vast audience that the tavern enjoys has little time for this dimension, which is a fact for all of us, whether we dismiss it or not. I am confident, and it is my hope, that those of you that find what is said here at the Café on a daily basis to be worth your time, might actually be the audience that PJP is seeking.)