Three Uninvited Guests

A Time Celebrant

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需 (xū)

Attending / Waiting

Hexagram 5

漸 (jiàn)

Development/Gradual Progress

Hexagram 53

Although you behaved foolishly,

falling into the trap of your impatience,

yet with fear stuck deep in your throat

as the three unknown factors descended,

you welcomed your guests

and learned to curb the hidden

recesses of malice in your heart.

Little did you know these calamities

held the seeds of your true germination,

and you would be planted

like pine on an outcrop, to flourish

near the mountain’s summit.

(Time Celebrants, poems written out of encounters with the I Ching, The Book of Changes.) ((Also, I struggle to get these posts to render correctly in the WP Reader, so if viewing on that platform, it might be worth going through to the actual website to view the post as it was intended. Peace.))

At Loggerheads

A Time Celebrant

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Town sign, damaged by shot gun

訟 (sòng)


Hexagram 6

需 (xū)

Attending / Waiting

Hexagram 5

Another chair removed from the table.

Remove those leaves as well.

What is that? If they return?

If they return, they can stand

and watch till this plant has taken root.

Together we can celebrate

the first blossom.

From the village

musicians will be summoned.

The finest linens will be spread.

The chefs will work through the night.

(Time Celebrants, poems written out of encounters with the I Ching, The Book of Changes.)

In and Around the Lake

A Time Celebrant

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Rust Pond by Richard Reeve

節 (jié)

Articulating / Limitation

Hexagram 60

夬 (guài)

Displacement / Break-through

Hexagram 43

All that time spent

prospecting for the source –

the fountain of youth


Mountains come out of the sky and they stand there.

The sought-after

hidden in a forgotten cave

no further away

than your thumb.

(Time Celebrants, poems written out of encounters with the I Ching, The Book of Changes.)

Yes: Roundabout

The Amplification Effect, No. 3

This is an invitation for artists and writers, creators of any medium, to participate in a group exercise.

A group exercise performed in the comments.

A symbol is provided, and participants are asked to share at least twice to generate an amplification of that symbol.

Regarding the value of amplification of symbolic content, CG Jung writes:

 “An archetypal content expresses itself, first and foremost, in metaphors. If such a content should speak of the sun and identify with it the lion, the king, the hoard of gold guarded by the dragon, or the power that makes for the life and health of man, it is neither the one thing nor the other, but the unknown third thing that finds more or less adequate expression in all these similes, yet– to the perpetual vexation of the intellect– remains unknown and not to be fitted into a formula.”

Jung, CW, V. 9i, p. 267

Jung also championed approaching unconscious symbolic material with an ‘as-if’ attitude. Jung taught that meaning may be circumscribed, but not described.

The Process

1. Participants self-select.

2. Responses are placed in the comments to this post.

3. Each participant replies with an amplification of the symbol.

4. Each participant replies with an association to another participant’s amplification.

5. Participants are encouraged to repeat steps 3 and 4 as often as they wish.

6. Participants are encouraged to reflect on the group results of the exercise to provide an impetus for future creative work.

Postscript: Consider linking back to this post with any work this exercise generates. Links from this post to any work generated will be shared below.

(For further information, as well as an example of a completed group response mind map, see the inaugural Amplification Effect)

Week #2 Amplification Effect Symbol:

A white line dots the sky.

Join us in the comments below!

Group Response Mind Map (updated throughout the exercise):

Links to Works Generated:

Passerby, by Richard Reeve (translated into Italian by almerighi)

Full Empty

A Time Celebrant

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損 (sǔn)


Hexagram 41      

大畜 (dà xù)

The Taming Power of the Great

Hexagram 26

The root cellar empty.

Each evening Aunty counts

the remaining coins

and checks on the welfare

of Great Grandma’s necklace

tucked safely behind the linens.

Uncle rises before the birds

signal dawn’s arrival,

quietly dresses,

then sets off for the harbor.

There will be nets to mend.

After tending to the chickens

Aunty teaches me the hexagrams.

See! she implores

pointing down

to the moving line.

I want to see Aunty!

I do! But what?

Why, it’s you! she beams,

All things take shape and form.

(Time Celebrants, poems written out of encounters with the I Ching, The Book of Changes.)

The Walls Came Down

A Time Celebrant

泰 (tài)


Hexagram 11

大畜 (dà xù)

The Taming Power of the Great

Hexagram 26

(Change cast using the coin method, December 1, 2022, 12:49 AM EST)

George's Oak by Richard Reeve

The Walls Came Down

In awe, this unexpected guest remains –

Who dares disturb the hushed splendor

with trivialities?

Come, sit by the fire

until the last log but embers

and your smile surrenders to yawns.

No need to rail against headlines –

the oak will revive come spring.

The unseen roots,

how far they must reach!


in days distant

you will recount for

your children’s children

tales of depleted shelves

in all the frantic markets.

Orion hung low in the sky

when the walls came down.

(Time Celebrants, poems written out of encounters with the I Ching, The Book of Changes. Here you can find an Introduction to the I Ching I wrote for those that are interested.)