There’s a Monster Out Back

As a sickly newborn,

(They sent my parents home

on day two,

told them to order a coffin.)

I cannot remember, but

I am sure it defines certain behaviors

erupting over five decades later–

the intensity of the incubator,

back in the day, 24/7.

Well, surprisingly, it worked,

and somehow the mucus plugs

buried deep in both lungs, dislodged.

No one was more surprised

than the doctor, who provided

treatment for the next ten years

free of charge, because

resiliency surprised him so.

Welcome to planet earth.

We hope you enjoyed the ride.

My childhood repetitive nightmare

was traversing a narrow boardwalk

with alligators in the waters,

then the deafening sound

of a train approaching,

then inside a chicken coop

under attack by a coyote,

feathers flying everywhere.

At this point,

my parents would wake me,

the fever often over 104 degrees,

and into a cold bath I’d be dropped.

There’s a monster out back,

and it’s pissed I yet breath

and dare to call it out.

Three Uninvited Guests

A Time Celebrant

(Change cast March 05, 2023, 10:11 AM EST)

需 (xū)

Attending / Waiting

Hexagram 5

漸 (jiàn)

Development/Gradual Progress

Hexagram 53

Although you behaved foolishly,

falling into the trap of your impatience,

yet with fear stuck deep in your throat

as the three unknown factors descended,

you welcomed your guests

and learned to curb the hidden

recesses of malice in your heart.

Little did you know these calamities

held the seeds of your true germination,

and you would be planted

like pine on an outcrop, to flourish

near the mountain’s summit.

(Time Celebrants, poems written out of encounters with the I Ching, The Book of Changes.) ((Also, I struggle to get these posts to render correctly in the WP Reader, so if viewing on that platform, it might be worth going through to the actual website to view the post as it was intended. Peace.))