A Body in the Morgue

Working the front desk

at the nursing home —

a part time gig

helping to buy the eggs

since this past September.

I like the title:


But things are a bit askew

this weekend.

There’s a body in the mourge.

I didn’t expect it to hit me

so hard.

I guess the first time for any

or everything

is always remarkable.

Did I explain?

There’s a body in the mourge.

A Road You Will Not Travel

Hospital Road by Richard Reeve

Miles stretch out through these hills

like a piece of pulled taffy.

I’ve checked the markers

with the odometer.

It isn’t so.

Although five miles

feels like ten,

you learn to get used to it.

There’s no sense being in a rush,

that just makes things worse.

It always takes longer

than expected –

so I tell folks,

add fifteen minutes

to every trip.

The same can be said

of this lingering ache

that I first noticed

after your funeral.

It should be gone by now.

It isn’t so.