Death, and My Whimper

Go to hell,

enjoy it he said.

Umm, ok.

I will if you insist.


he cautioned,

others have been so smug.

Yes, I know.

They have taught me well.

Who do you think you are?

I am just a poor man.

Then why do you bother me so?

Oh my good friend Devil,

Don’t cha know,

I have beauty in my veins.

If this were a cooking blog

Forget longevity—

this is a heart attack.

Forget fidelity—

excommunication appropriate

with meat served

on a Friday in Lent.

And then the pork taboo

for my Muslim and Jewish

friends. Well…

Love yeah brothers.

Oh, but is it good.

Render three strips of thick

cut bacon

and then mix three

eggs into the rendered fat.

Add tomatoes,

green onions,


siracya sauce,

a dash of garlic powder,

salt and pepper,

and sprinkle till

your heart’s content

with mozzarella cheese.

While Buckingham Palace

has yet to announce the contest,

I hereby submit this recipe

as the first submission—

A Fox Hunting Breakfast

for King Charles the Third’s

Coronation Breakfast Competition.

If that does not work,

I’m considering offering it

as the last meal for a few

deserving politicians

that are screwing with our world.


The Woods

Foliage by Richard Reeve

Out back, behind the house,

the woods,

where all the children

of the neighborhood gathered.

There was one stately pine

we’d boys climb until

cowardness set in

and we would turn back

around and lie

to each other

that we had touched the top.

There were benefits to these lies,

as our “sisters” would take us

over to the stream

and lay us down

on a bed of moss,

pull down our pants

and demand

a hero’s welcome.

Unfortunately, men continue

to lie this way,

on Wall Street and in DC,

failing to reach the needed heights

demanded by true leadership

because they are a bit too eager

to find yet another bed of moss.

Only women will lead

the world out

of the current mess.

Men, I’m afraid,

no longer have the capacity.

(Thank you to Michael for reminding me never to mention these things.)


ma ma–

I envy those that had a mum,

it rhymes with um,

a perfect sounding

to proceed every child’s request.

So mom, mum, ma ma–

Your provision is life itself,

and yes, that we are here,

that we suck oxygen

from this thin air every second,

the sky truly

your nourishing breast.

I guess I see how

that must make us all,

some seven or so billion of us,

sons and daughters

of God, I prefer Goddess

(the brutality

of masculinity in this world

too much a travesty).

Would you turn toward us

your grace filled eyes

and drop a tear over this

world, so traumatized,

afraid and weakened.

Your children are in need

of a healing intervention.

Please mum, please.

Drama in Red Hook

News as Poetry

Village of Red Hook,

Dutchess County

Vehicle Found:

On Jan. 9, Forest Rangers

Russo and Sweeney

found a vehicle stuck

in Tivoli Bays.

The owner,

suspected of illegally


has not been located.

DEC arranged

for the vehicle to be towed

from the trail, and…

the investigation is ongoing.