There’s a Monster Out Back

As a sickly newborn,

(They sent my parents home

on day two,

told them to order a coffin.)

I cannot remember, but

I am sure it defines certain behaviors

erupting over five decades later–

the intensity of the incubator,

back in the day, 24/7.

Well, surprisingly, it worked,

and somehow the mucus plugs

buried deep in both lungs, dislodged.

No one was more surprised

than the doctor, who provided

treatment for the next ten years

free of charge, because

resiliency surprised him so.

Welcome to planet earth.

We hope you enjoyed the ride.

My childhood repetitive nightmare

was traversing a narrow boardwalk

with alligators in the waters,

then the deafening sound

of a train approaching,

then inside a chicken coop

under attack by a coyote,

feathers flying everywhere.

At this point,

my parents would wake me,

the fever often over 104 degrees,

and into a cold bath I’d be dropped.

There’s a monster out back,

and it’s pissed I yet breath

and dare to call it out.

I am Dead, and Shining

I stole this title

and forget from where.

Forgive me, I can not provide

the needed attribution.

You know –

the footnote,

the hyperlink.

The action saying

I’m not the author

of this wonderful idea

and you need to know that

and my efforts to tell you so

are clearly deserved.

Two things.

Yes, I am a thief.

But I only steal the best.

I am dead, and shining.

Long and Winding Roads

My path was supposed to be

short and simple.

Two days at the max.

Back in the year of

nineteen sixty seven,

they sent my parents home

with the directive

to buy a coffin.

The lungs were infected,

there was little they could do.

Some thirty days later,

coughing and spitting out

the poor meal I had been served,

I was taken home.

These many decades later

those first days define me–

I behave in the same patterns.

Terribly rebellious,

a thorn in the side of authority,

and quite sick and tired

of the interventions

that are meant to help.

This is a shout out

to all my premi

brothers and sisters.

Continue to hang on.

Hang on.