A few shots from here

…still no time for words. (or for likes🥴…I cannot wait to read all about all that you have been doing, when I get some reading time!)

I did have five minutes to get lost in one of our apple trees, and thought maybe you would enjoy these.


Missing you.


Forget the Scottish botanist.

Humor me.

Is not this name

the name

of a forgotten muse?

Note her veracity:

Spring has come.

Note her tenacity,

her yellow saturation,

and to move out from Asia

and populate the world—

A Dionysian consort

if there ever was one.

Just a twig is all it takes,

stuck back into the ground,

and she’s back.

Our, now global, resilient

trumpeting herald

of Spring.

Go, Go, Godzilla

The shear power of the greening–

if science knew how to measure

(which it pretends to), well,

as Walt Clyde Fraser might say,

making an NBA call on the radio,

it’s both confounding

and astounding my friends.

The force of life,

erupting this spring,

as in springs past,

yes, life on planet earth–

both confounding,

and astounding.