Never Look Directly at the Sun

Mom kinda overdid it.

As the eclipse approached

she made it all too clear:

if I dared go outside and look up,

blindness would follow.

I spent that darkening,

cowering under

the dining room table,

a terrified four year old,

waiting for the nemesis to pass.

Oddly, my elderly mother

is now nearly blind –

And I remain curious as to the secrets

hidden just off center, if

we dare glance at the Sun.


Dances For Who?

That night Luna

wore a cloud like a robe

I exposed my grandiosity,

believing at first

the dance was for me.

No silly!

Clearly for Sol only

this performance.

As if I had stumbled

into my parent’s bedroom

at the worst moment,

blushing, I turned

and rushed back inside.