The Amplification Effect, No. 8

An invitation for artists and writers, creators of any medium, to participate in a group exercise.

A group exercise performed in the comments.

A symbol is provided, and participants are asked to share at least twice to generate an amplification of that symbol.

The Process

1. Participants self-select.

2. Responses are placed in the comments to this post.

3. Each participant replies with an amplification of the symbol.

4. Each participant replies with an association to another participant’s amplification.

5. Participants are encouraged to repeat steps 3 and 4 as often as they wish.

6. Participants are encouraged to reflect on the group results of the exercise to provide an impetus for future creative work.

Postscript: Consider linking back to this post with any work this exercise generates. Links from this post to any work generated will be shared below.

(For further information, as well as an example of a completed group response mind map, see the inaugural Amplification Effect)

Week #8 Amplification Effect Symbol:

A pot of chicken soup.

Join us in the comments below!

Group Response Mind Map (updated throughout the exercise):

Links to Works Generated:


22 thoughts on “The Amplification Effect, No. 8

  1. When I think of chicken soup, I think of the series of books, “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” Books of short stories that tap into our need to feel connected with each other at a soul level. Bailey White is an author who writes these kinds of stories.

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