The Four Sisters

The four sisters,

sentries guarding

the rear flank

beyond the stone wall,

a property line

run right down

the middle of the valley

about the time

of the Civil War.

Cacophony visited at dawn

when six crows appeared

in their intertwining

branches, a serious

debrief to decide

the days mission.

A bit later

does ambled over,

only to be startled

by the urine markings

sprayed across their trunks

last night by a coyote.

The sisters whisper

their shared longing

for spring’s return.

10 thoughts on “The Four Sisters

  1. Good reading! ❤️ This reminds me of an old house I lived in in Michigan that was built in 1900. It had the same rock fences and there is still a family cemetery behind the house.

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