The Walls Came Down

A Time Celebrant

泰 (tài)


Hexagram 11

大畜 (dà xù)

The Taming Power of the Great

Hexagram 26

(Change cast using the coin method, December 1, 2022, 12:49 AM EST)

George's Oak by Richard Reeve

The Walls Came Down

In awe, this unexpected guest remains –

Who dares disturb the hushed splendor

with trivialities?

Come, sit by the fire

until the last log but embers

and your smile surrenders to yawns.

No need to rail against headlines –

the oak will revive come spring.

The unseen roots,

how far they must reach!


in days distant

you will recount for

your children’s children

tales of depleted shelves

in all the frantic markets.

Orion hung low in the sky

when the walls came down.

(Time Celebrants, poems written out of encounters with the I Ching, The Book of Changes. Here you can find an Introduction to the I Ching I wrote for those that are interested.)

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