This Is A Special Announcement


can I have your attention please.

Due to the atrocities

mankind continues

to commit

on a daily basis,

to family, neighbor, and stranger,

it is hereby recommended

that each and everyone of us

find a mirror, gaze deeply,

and ask why?

When is enough, enough?

32 thoughts on “This Is A Special Announcement

  1. Honestly, I blame the devil and it’s minions for the mess that is planet Earth today. Wild animals are much better behaved than humans.

    1. Wild animals do, and will always do, what wild animals are wont to do… so the fear one has for them pales in comparison to what wild humans enjoy doing… especially wild humans in a suit…!

    1. You, know, now that I’ve given this some thought, I too encounter this experience, and can usually solve it by leaving the WP Reader and going to the actual website. For some reason, great as the WP Reader is, it can still be wonky.

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