This Morning

The ground so cold

each step, a crunch sounding

out the exposures.

Not that the white tailed deer

or the chickadee need my help

when things turn so brutal—

they retain instinctual

know how, the know how

I know I have lost.

I envy the natural mind

of the skunk, chipmunk,

and even the woodchuck

we mock each February second.

This collective mocking

simply betrays our stupidity.

3 thoughts on “This Morning

  1. Man tends to take the rhythm of nature for granted, until it slaps him upside the head with floods, fires and winds. You are right, the instincts of the animals and birds are much more astute than all the collective Google knowledge of humanity. Happy Sunday Richard. Allan

  2. You capture allusively how I fret over the plight of wildlife caught in these brutal extremes of weather. I savor the musicality in your array of “skunk, chipmunk…woodchuck… mock each February second.” It’s like an audible clucking at the mockery you aptly decry.

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