Twelve Twelve

I do not much believe

in the viral phenomenon,

but now and again,,

I will float a balloon

into the stratosphere

simply to see what

might come of it.

Twelve Twelve.

Makes me smirk.

(and enough of getting up

at four in the morning.)

20 thoughts on “Twelve Twelve

      1. Also in my travels across the US I passed a little tiny shit on the side of the road I can’t remember where I was to be honest but I wish I did and there was this art painted on the side this little creature standing painted in Black and holding just one single red balloon like it was about to release into the sky and I’ve always felt like a red balloon floating to the air with no one holding on to me in that moment I’ve seen everything starts somewhere your picture and your post reminded me of this moment this beautiful occasion that I actually got to see twice kind of like the 12s giggle giggle thank you 🤝🏼🤝🏼🌍🤝🏼🤝🏼

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