Use Your Smartphone to Push Your Creative Practice

One aim of this site is to stimulate personal and professional creativity. To do so, we will constantly develop and share exercises to be completed in 15 minutes or less. They are designed to both expand and deepen your engagement with your primary medium, while being mindful not to distract your focus from what matters most to you. Your smartphone, and the potential it has to become a multidisciplinary studio, will be a go-to tool for the majority of the exercises we publish.

The video clip above was taken while quickly stepping outside to feed the wood furnace, and took but a few minutes to shoot, render, upload and make available. Don’t let the streamlined ease fool you, this brief exercise explored composition, lighting, filter choices, and title making. It also pushed on pressure points of sharing snippets publically, and assessing a quality baseline that is both reasonable and representative of my core work. So therein lies the value. A brief creative exercise when approached in this manner can function like a sprint workout, building creative muscles and sharpening awareness.

Over the coming week, we will be posting on a variety of apps that will allow you to develop your creative practice.

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