6 thoughts on “Would You Brush My Teeth?

      1. Hi Richard, thanks for inquiring how things are. To answer that I find myself referring to your post “Like Iiking it”. The country is still in an indececive turmoil. But living in the district of Miraflores is like living in a bubble where everything continues almost as normal. People comment on the news, but the reports of blocked roads and demonstrations seem far away even if they aren’t. At this very, very moment, I could answer your question, “Are things OK?” by saying “Wonderful!”. I am at present 100 km south of Lima, on the arid desert coast, in an bubble enclave called Asia, which is where the privileged have their beautiful, elegant white week-end houses. Everything here is “perfect”, everything is “nice” This is the bubble-est of bubbles, where the reality of the forgotten population is washed away by the waves breaking on the perfectly kept beach. “Pass me another cocktail!” These enormous differences, the “12 eggs in the fridge”, are central to the the nation’s problems and have been, since the conquest. (I should do a post on Asia!!!!!!!!)

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